RSVP with EventTexting!

Once you complete the form, you will receive a link to copy and paste to your text message. Guests will receive this conveniently on their smartphones prompting an easy way for them to reply. You can keep your RSVP responses organized by creating a group for each event. Simply choose the group you created when … Read more

“It’s like Herding Cats”

We use this phrase often in the wedding business, especially among wedding planners and photographers. It’s meant to be a joke but honestly…it’s one of those things that if you know, you know! Organizing a large group of people on event day (many of them enjoying a “signature cocktail” or two) requires a great deal … Read more

My bride and I love this platform

“The texting platform was easy to use and made communication with my bride her family and her guests quicker and more seamless than any other form of communication I’ve used in the past. I also love the option to use the texting platform to send a weekend timeline to guests and to the bridal party. My bride and I love using this platform and it’s an excellent way to communicate with everyone involved in your special day.”

Does EventTexting charge Sales Tax?

Effective August 1, 2021, EventTexting will collect and remit sales tax for customers located in jurisdictions where we are obligated to do so. If you are in one of those jurisdictions, you will see the sales tax line item on your invoices moving forward.  Why am I being charged Sales Tax? EventTexting and other text … Read more