“It’s like Herding Cats”

We use this phrase often in the wedding business, especially among wedding planners and photographers. It’s meant to be a joke but honestly…it’s one of those things that if you know, you know! Organizing a large group of people on event day (many of them enjoying a “signature cocktail” or two) requires a great deal of effort, skill, and some serious patience. As a wedding planner, I’m all about using the tools and resources I have at my disposal to herd those cats. That’s where EventTexting comes in.

EventTexting is the tool that I use to move people from one place to another in real-time. Everyone is alerted at the same time on their smartphone (and people are always on their mobile devices as you know). Especially at events– taking selfies, texting, posting to social media using that wedding hashtag. The bottom line is that someone, probably everyone, is going to get the message. Texting is the way we all communicate these days, it just works. Not just for last-minute updates, you can also text timelines, reminders, and transportation information, and keep everyone moving and organized!

Texting is easy, affordable, and fun to use. Simply pull up your EventTexting dashboard on your mobile phone or device, select the group, groups, or individuals to text, quickly compose your message like the one below, and hit send!

Once you’ve tried it, you seriously won’t be able to plan without it!

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Happy Texting!