How EventTexting can help you set boundaries with client communication

“Please text me at this number after hours, weekends and holidays.”

As wedding and event professionals, sometimes it’s hard to set boundaries with our clients. Normal business hours? Do we have those? Maybe, maybe not– but here’s why we should. It’s called burnout. It’s not a good place to be. We use our cell phones in all areas of our lives– to communicate with clients as well as friends and family. Pretty soon it feels like you’re working all the time.

With EventTexting you can schedule personal time for yourself and your clients will still feel like you’re available. It’s simple:

  • Get your 10-digit textable number from EventTexting
  • Give it to all your clients and let them know that this is the absolute best way to reach you after hours, weekends and holidays. And it’s true, right? After normal business hours, you’re most likely taking care of family or personal business, and on the weekends working a wedding or event. Texting is the best way to ensure that you get their message.

If you do like to work at night or on weekends, you can schedule your response to go out during normal business hours the next day; reinforcing the expectation of acceptable communication times.

Wedding emergency? Well, it all flies out the window– but for your day-to-day operations, do yourself a favor and put this plan into action ASAP!