Why not just send a group text?

You may be considering EventTexting and wondering, why can’t I just send a group text?

Here are the top 5 simple reasons.

1. It’s easier-Skip having to add all those contacts to your personal cell phone. Instead, have everyone opt-in by simply texting the event or marketing Keyword to the 10 digit Textable number. You can also use our Shareable or Embedded forms for quick and easy sign-up or generate a QR code they can scan. You can manually add contacts but you don’t have to!

2. Only you see the responses-We’ve all been in a group text and let’s face it, it can be annoying, and you can’t get out of it. Replies are coming fast, and others start to engage in their own side conversation. With an SMS text, the sender only sees the responses, and the contacts have the ability to opt-out at any time. All responses are seen in the EventTexting Dashboard Inbox.

3. You’re limited-You simply can’t reach the masses with a group text from your cell phone. With EventTexting you have the ability at your fingertips to reach as many people in one text to accomplish your objective.

4. Privacy-Unlike in a group chat or app where your number is not private, with EventTexting no one sees the other contacts. You also have the ability to send a message to one contact or many.

5. Segment your contacts-What we love most is the ability to communicate to a specific group of people at a time. Send important information that’s pertinent only to them. No one likes unwanted text messages.

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Happy Texting