Save time with Message Templates

One convenient EventTexting feature is the ability to use our starter templates to save time when crafting your text messages. Also, you can create your own custom message templates you can return to again and again for quick and easy text messaging.

It’s important to keep in mind your character limit when composing your text messages. An SMS text gives you 160 characters to work with and that includes punctuation and spaces. When you exceed 160 characters the message then becomes an MMS message. This will cost more to send but may be worth it depending on what you need to convey to your audience. All of our starter templates are under 160 characters.

Choose from over 50 of our starter templates when crafting your text message or use them as a guide when creating your own custom messages. EventTexting’s starter templates also act as a reminder or checklist for the content of your text message. We have several categories that keep templates organized.


Examples of our starter templates

Reminder Template
(Wedding/Event) Planning Reminder! Please (Task)(Date/Time/Location) Thanks!
SMS Text Example:
Smith/Harris Wedding- Planning reminder! Please have your wedding attire secured by June 15. Men’s Warehouse & Bella Bridesmaids. Thanks!

AutoReply Template
Thanks for becoming a (company name) texting subscriber! Look for content to inspire you! (frequency)Reply STOP to end.
SMS Text Example:
Thanks for becoming a La Belle Bloom subscriber! Look for content to inspire you once a month! Reply STOP to end.

Planning Template
(Wedding)Kindly RSVP by (Date) to this text with YES or NO. Include the # in your party. (Couple)can’t wait to celebrate with you!
SMS Text Example
Smith/Harris Wedding! Kindly RSVP by 6-15 to this text with YES or NO. Include the # in your party. Sam & Alex can’t wait to see you!

Alert Template
The impending weather has caused us to change the location of (event) to (new location)(comment)
SMS Text Example
The impending weather has caused us to change the location of The Main Street Market to The Civic Center. All vendors are still participating!

Tips to remain at 160 characters:
-Use abbreviations/acronyms when you can-Not all shorthand can be understood so be mindful of your audience. Some exceptions are numbers and letters where their pronunciation sounds like their corresponding letter or number.
2- to
-Get to the point and cut the fluff
-Cut out your business name-If you’re texting on behalf of a client for a particular event, you can omit your business name. Otherwise, you will need to identify your business when texting on behalf of yourself.
-Edit-Our text messaging box gives you a word count that lets you know if your text is SMS or MMS. As you edit it changes so you can see where you stand with your word count. When you chose to use a picture, video, or voice message it automatically becomes an MMS text.

Our starter templates are free to use for all of our subscribers!

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Happy Texting!