Stand out by using Drip Campaigns and build strong client relationships.

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So, what’s a drip campaign? Just like water that drips out of a faucet slowly, so do your text messages. This feature allows you to create a campaign geared toward a segment or group of subscribers. Schedule messages down to the day, hour, and minute. These text messages go out over the course of a period, even a year. Once it is set, sit back, and enjoy the automation!

Drip Campaign Scenarios

Build Momentum
The anticipation of an event can be as exciting as the event itself. Create a drip campaign that builds momentum with each message building on the last. Create a series of text messages with sneak peeks of exciting things to come. Have fun and even leave clues as to what’s possibly coming next!

Reminders/To-Do Lists
The road map to any well-planned wedding or event comes in the form of multiple checklists, to-do lists, and timelines. Most are categorized by months and weeks like 10-12 months, 6-9 months, 3-5 months, and six weeks, all leading up to event week as well as post-event. Use the drip campaign feature to set up these important documents to go out at these strategic planning times automatically.

Educate your Audience
Establish yourself as an authority in your field by sending out a series of educational videos or demonstrations that will engage your subscribers.  Deliver valuable content and build your brand.

Anniversary Messages
Automate your anniversary messages! Send out a happy one-week or 6-month message and then again at their one-year anniversary!

However you decide to use our Drip Campaign feature, one thing is for certain, it’s a powerful tool that will assist you in expanding your client reach and engage them like never before.

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Happy Texting!