Planning & Organization

  • Scheduled Texts

    Prepare important text messages that will go out on certain days & times. Schedule them days, weeks or months in advance. This is a game changer for event professionals.  … More

  • Drip Campaigns

    Schedule a “Happy 1 Week Anniversary” message or a Happy Anniversary message next year. You can even include a photo or video to make it extra special.  … More

  • Reminders

    Quickly send out reminders to guests, the bridal party or vendors. Messages can be scheduled in advance to make sure they make appointments and meet deadlines.

  • Easily Segment Contacts

    Want to communicate to with just the bride and bridesmaids, or only the exhibitors at your conference? Creating unlimited groups is easy. Contacts can even be automatically tagged to a group using one of our signup widgets!  … More


  •  Keywords

    Your Keyword is a word or phrase with or without numbers that your clients use to communicate with you via your textable number. You will use this textable number to send all text messages.

  • Sign Up Forms

    Use sign up forms on your website and social media pages for maximum marketing potential. This allows your audience to sign up for specific content you have to offer.

  • MMS Marketing

    Use 1600 characters plus a video, sound byte or photo to capture the attention of your audience and communicate effectively.


  • Group Texts, 1-to-1 Responses

    No one likes being in a group text. With EventTexting, your audience’s responses are only seen by you. Text all of your vendors an update on wedding day, and respond to any questions individually. Or get creative! Send a text from the DJ or band to the entire event or wedding party asking for song requests. It’s a very useful feature and much more professional!

  • Mobile Friendly

    Use your EventTexting dashboard from your iPhone or Android to send out text messages on the go!

  • Text Forwarding

    Choose to have incoming messages forwarded to your email or directly to your mobile phone.