How to rent your 10 digit Textable Number

A textable number is a 10-digit phone number that allows you to have 1-on-1 chat conversations with your clients. EventTexting can provide you with a number that you can rent from us or you can text enable your current business landline for a monthly rental fee.

For most of us in the event industry, our personal cell phone is our business line. Free up your cell phone by using a textable number. For your clients, it feels just like texting with a friend. Most importantly, it’s completely trackable and you can do it from your computer or on your phone using our Mobile-friendly site.

Sign Up for a Textable Number

1. Go to Keywords & Numbers from the left navigation panel and then select the Textable Numbers tab.


2. Select a number. It’s usually best to pick a phone number in the same area code/ location as your business. Use the text field to search for available numbers. Click to select the number you want from the list of results. If you’d like to see more options, click the Load More link at the bottom of the list.

3. Activate your account. After signing up you will need to confirm/provide a payment method. You can pay using the same credit card you use for your existing EventTexting account.

Receive and Reply to Texts Using Your Textable Number

After you receive your confirmation, you will be ready to text. Navigate and hover over New Message and select Start 1-on-1 Chat to compose and receive messages using your 10-digit number

Let clients know

Update your business listing wherever it is displayed to let your customers know you have a new number that they can use to communicate with you by text.