How can I be sure I don’t miss an important message?

A convenient feature of EventTexting is the text back option. Your contacts have the ability to text you back in response to your text and those incoming messages are free. The only person who sees it is you! You can view all messages in your EventTexting Inbox and you can also choose to have messages forwarded to your email.

Lastly, you can have all your messages sent to one or more cell phones ensuring that you don’t miss a message. This feature costs 1 credit per message. It’s important to note that you cannot reply from your cell phone to those messages. You will need to log in to your EventTexting Dashboard and reply from your Inbox. It’s so easy and quick to pull up your account from your mobile device and respond to contacts.

As a safeguard, you may want to list an alternative phone number on your text messages for contacts to immediately reach you in an emergency on event days.