Are you complying with Industry rules and regs?

Text Marketing like email marketing is a permission-based activity. It’s imperative that you ensure that your audience has opted in to receive SMS notifications. Complying with industry regulations means you’re protecting the text message receiver as well as fostering good business practices.

Violation of these regulations can result in heavy fines up to $1,500 per willful violation. Please familiarize yourself with these laws, but also rest assured that we’ve got you covered with our built-in features that give you peace of mind and help you stay compliant.

The United States has three entities that deal with industry regulations. They are the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association (CTIA), and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA is the primary anti-telemarketing law and the lead regulator of SMS Marketing. It’s all about protecting the consumers’ right to privacy.

If you text people without their permission, you are spamming them.  

Three features to comply are:

1. Opt-outs– when a subscriber opts-out by texting STOP, QUIT, END or UNSUBSCRIBE, our software automatically removes the contact from all future communication. This keeps you safe without you having to remove the contact manually.

2. Automated assistance– when a subscriber opts-in using a keyword, we immediately provide them with the legally required auto-reply with instruction to opt-out of receiving text messages if they choose.

3. Identity Verification– We highly recommend you include your company name in all text messages sent which in turn builds user trust and verifies your business.

It’s interesting to note that the acceptable average opt-out rate is 2% or below. If you’re seeing opt-out rates higher, then you may need to evaluate your marketing strategy. Cut out possible unwanted messages, plan, and strategically target messages so subscribers are less likely to opt out.

The Importance of the confirmation text or auto-reply

After a client signs up you must send an auto-reply or confirmation text. NO worries, our software will prompt you and assist you with this! This is a great time to include language about what types of messages they will receive.

Start with the content you want to offer.
Examples are:
✓ Special offers
✓ Event info
✓ Discounts
✓ Education
✓ Products
✓ Services
✓ Weddings

IF possible, let them know when and how often they can estimate getting text messages, which days you send messages, and what they should expect.

Sample confirmation texts:

Bliss Weddings
Thank you for signing up to receive important communication about Sam & Jacob’s 11-12-20 wedding! We promise as-needed wedding info only! Reply to messages or type HELP for assistance. Reply STOP to opt-out at any time.

La Belle Bloom
Hello friends! Thank you for subscribing to La Belle Bloom. Look for great info monthly on shop specials, new products & seasonal promotions. Reply Inspiration to receive weekly inspirational photos of our work! Reply STOP to opt-out. Msg&DataRatesMayApply

Using Shareable and Embedded Forms

One great way to acquire subscribers is to use our free Acquisition Tools in the form of Embedded and Shareable Forms on your Facebook Business page, website, or email campaign. You can find these forms in your dashboard under Tools.